Nadia Nakai shares last text to AKA




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RAPPER Nadia Nakai shared her last WhatsApp message to her slain lover AKA, which he never replied. Nakai has been expressing her grief on social media, admitting that she is yet to come to terms with the death of the South African rapper born Kieman Forbes. Nakai shared her last conversation with AKA, minutes before his tragic shooting on her Instagram story. In the messages, AKA informed Nadia that he had arrived in Durban where he was billed to perform, moments before his death. Both parties told each other to be safe. Around 10:15pm, she texted him, asking for the song “Mbuzi” from his latest album“Mass Country”and she later informed him of her whereabouts but AKA never got to read the messages. Speaking for the rst time after AKA’s funeral, Nadia said her heart is shattered. “My heart is shattered. This is not what our future was meant to look like. I can’t believe I said my nal goodbye to you yesterday. I will never see you again for the rest of my lifetime? You loved me and were proud, thank you baby. (You) protected me, prayed for me, and inspired me. I nd it hard to breathe, let alone nd the words to explain how much I love you,” she wrote. AKA was gunned down outside a Durban restaurant on February 10 and buried in Johannesburg 8 days later.